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Thanks to optimally balanced composition, stainless steel pipe capillary alloy chrome, Nickel etc. chemical elements, exhibits high technological and operating characteristics: heat resistance, corrosion resistance, good resistance to scale formation, allowing the semi to work effectively in the toughest industrial conditions. The high content of chromium promotes the formation on the surface of goods durable oxide coating that protects the material from oxidation and corrosion. It is particularly important to note that capillary stainless pipe good resistance to fatigue processes and inertia in relation to the aggressive influence of the gas environment. The greatest resistance have complex alloyed alloys, Brand pipes with necessary set of qualities selected depending on the presence of aggressive factors, temperature etc. conditions.


GOST 9940−81 regulates the production of seamless hot-deformed pipes from stainless steel. GOST 9941−81 regulates the manufacture of heat — and cold-deformed pipes from stainless steel. Pipes are supplied a certain length (measured, unmeasured, dimensional) or in rolls upon agreement with the customer.

strength properties at 20 °C (n / sq. mm)
GOST tube 12X18H10T σin σ0,2
9940−81 hot 529 216
9941−81 cold 549 216

Examples of the wording of the order.

Steel pipe, 12X18H10T, wall thickness 0.4 mm, outer ∅4 mm, standard precision for wall thickness, diameter, dimensional, length 3800 mm: tube 4,0 0,4 3800 — 12X18H10T

B. steel pipe External ∅4 mm, high accuracy, with a wall thickness of 0.38 mm and a length of 1.8 m. the tube B 4,0 0,38 p p 1800 cu — 12KH18N10T.

Steel pipe 12X18H10T, wall thickness 0,38 mm, inner ∅1.2 mm, normal precision wall thickness and diameter of random: VN 1,2 0,38 — 12KH18N10T

Steel pipe 12X18H10T standard-accuracy of wall thickness and diameter, measuring length 3800 mm: 1,2 VN p 0,5 3800 — 12X18H10T


These stainless steel tube 06KH18N10T, 09KH18N10T, 12CR18NI10TI (∅ 0,3 — 5 mm, wall thickness ≤0.3 mm) according to GOST 14162−79; TU14−3-972−79 used in electronics, medicine, instrument making, and for carrying gas and liquid in equipment for special purposes.


The price of stainless steel capillary tube depends on the parameters of products, of alloy grades and additional conditions of delivery. Pipe marks 20H23N18 differ reasonable price and a wide variety of sizes that will allow any buyer to choose the product which most fully satisfies its needs. High quality workmanship and full compliance of products with the requirements of the state normative documents and technical conditions for the supply — main principle of our company in work with clients. And reasonable prices and convenient delivery method is the additional benefit of working with us.