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Hafnium pure metal is very plastic, can be rolled into a thin sheet, tape and foil, even thinner aluminum. Rolled sheet is small in coefficient of thermal expansion, high elastic modulus, excellent chemical resistance, allowing it to be used, including in aggressive environment. Hafnium sheet retains sufficient strength at temperatures up to 1500 °C. High performance: heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical strength allow this to work effectively in the toughest industrial conditions.


The high cost of production. Extraction and obtain it in its pure form is time-consuming. Because of the high refractoriness technological processing hafnium complicated. Price 1 kg pure hafnium on the world market fluctuates around 775−800 dollars. Hafnium is a rare metal, additionally it is quite heavy (specific gravity for 13, 31 g/cm3).


The format of the sheets is about 5 mm in thickness, 480−740 mm in width and 2000 mm in length. At great length, allowable deviation ≤ 20 mm. Sheets can be dimensional and random length. The finished sheet should have a smooth even surface free of cracks and contaminants. Possible minor defects, not beyond the specified GOST, risks and changes color, depending on the terms and conditions of storage of the material.


The minimum output energy of electrons (3,53 eV is less than niobium, molybdenum and tungsten) and heat resistance can produce hafnium cathodes for high-vacuum tubes and electron guns and thermionic generators. These same qualities of hafnium important in the production of anodes for vacuum equipment. High resistance allows to produce the hafnium strip thickness up to 20 microns of industrial heaters and elements of thermocouples. If necessary, hafnium alloyed special additives. Nickel doped HfB2, is used as an extremely wear resistant coating. Alloy carbides of hafnium and tantalum of 1:4 is considered the most heat resistant of known materials (t° PL 4216°C). Titanium-hafnium alloys are used in parts manufacturing marine engines. The addition of hafnium to tantalum dramatically increases the resistance to oxidation and teploobmenu (thermal shock). This has created an indispensable alloys for jet technology (gas rudders, nozzles,

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