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VT20 tape, sheet, foil, high durability and wear resistance with Additional hardening of the VT20 and optimization of properties is achieved by additives of aluminum, molybdenum, zirconium, vanadium. This alloy is resistance. Tape and sheet are easily deformed. Welding with other titanium alloys possible in any way, the joint strength will be the same as that of the main material. UD. weight VT20 4,45 g/cm3, t° melting = 980 — 1020 °C.

The percentage composition of W-20 GOST 27265−87.

Al C Mo Fe V Zr N O H Si Ti
2−3 ≤0,05 0,5−1 ≤0,15 0,5−1 1−2 ≤0,04 0,12 ≤0,003 ≤01 basis


VT20 tape, sheet, foil are used in the annealed condition. They are intended for the production of fragments of equipment and parts that work a long time at t° up to 450 °C. This is the wing skin, parts of aircraft engines and hull.

Physical quality
The temperature at which the obtained data the features of t°C 20°C
The linear thermal expansion coefficient α [1/Deg] Of 8.2x10-6
Density [g/cm3] 4,45
The modulus of elasticity of 1 kind, E [MPa]x10-5 1,12
Specific heat at 20 °C [kJ/(kg·deg)] 0,587
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 300,173
Coefficient thermal conductivity), l[W/(m·deg)] Of 8.37


Quality manufacturer with constant control of observance of requirements of technological discipline and compliance of semi-finished products of the brand VT20 all parameters of the normative documentation and acceptable cost of products determines the relevance of such material for the needs of modern production. The company «_" represents the entire product range of the brand 65KH13. Sincere attention to the needs of each customer, regardless of order value, delivery in the shortest time, flexible system of discounts to wholesale customers determine the face of our company.