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Molybdenum crucible has a very high heat resistance and mechanical strength. The melting point of molybdenum 2620 °C refractoriness, it is second only to tungsten, rhenium, osmium, iridiu. Molybdenum retains strength at temperatures up to 2000 °C. To 1370 °with its relative thermal strength is higher than that of tungsten. Molybdenum is characterized by minimum thermal expansion coefficient, high elastic modulus, excellent corrosion resistance, allowing it to be used in the most demanding conditions, including in aggressive environment.


The disadvantage is the high production cost of molybdenum crucibles. Because of the significant hardness and refractoriness molybdenum difficult technological processing. Production it time-consuming, and obtaining it in its pure form is quite difficult. Under normal conditions, it is rigid and not very technological material.


Molybdenum crucible is produced by hot rolling of molybdenum plates, obtained by powder metallurgy by pressing high-quality MCH and MCIT and subsequent machining.


Molybdenum crucible is in demand in mechanical engineering and metallurgy as a heat-resistant container for melting, sintering and annealing of powder raw materials (non-metals and rare earth metals) in a reduction atmosphere. In such crucibles is not only the sintering of powder products, but sapphire melting growing single crystals.

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