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Solder POS 61, POS 61 M in demand for tinning and soldering of electrical equipment, parts of galvanized iron, to create watertight seams. This solder good solder brass, iron and copper alloys. The contents of the main elements reflected in the acronym. POS means tin-lead solder. The number 61 reflects an approximate tin content of 61%. Such solders give high purity soldering. The melting point of the solder lower than those mounted fragments. Particularly relevant solder POS 61, POS 61 M where unacceptable overheating of parts, for example when connecting very thin wires. Cooling down, they give a solid connection. Come solders POS in the form of wire, pastes, bars, powder, etc. it Should be noted that the advantage of these solders is a small price to pay. They are very practical to use plastic, giving high durability, soldering, distinguished corrosion resistance. Used to connect any non-ferrous alloys.


Get acquainted with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. In the company «_" features unlimited range of solders in the form of ingots and bars, tubes, wire, bar, powders, foil, tapes, soldering pastes that are manufactured with strict adherence to technological norms. Carried out both wholesale and retail deliveries.

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To see more details with the products, specify its basic properties, checkout you will be able with the help of our website. The company «_" offers an unlimited range of non-ferrous metals, in particular, a wide range of tin-lead solders. High quality and lack of intermediaries determine the most favorable conditions for purchase of products for solving current production problems. Delivery in the shortest possible time in any region of the country and abroad, compliance with regulatory documentation already gained the trust of regular customers.