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The sheet and the 79MNM tape are made from high-nickel permalloy. Permaloy — a material based on nickel and iron with significant magnetic permeability in weak fields. There are low-nickel (40−50% Ni), and high-nickel permalloy (72−82% Ni)). To enhance the magnetic permeability, they are doped with elements such as copper, manganese, etc. Each of the groups has a certain degree of manifestation of electromagnetic properties. Due to the significant nickel content, the 79HM alloy has a high electrical resistance and corrosion resistance. The permalloy is melted in vacuum or under protection of argon. The wire and the circle are produced in a cold-rolled manner with final annealing, to optimize the electromagnetic properties.

The percentage composition of 79NM GOST 10994−74 .

Mo C Cu Fe Ni Ti Mn P S Si Al
3.8−4.1 ≤0,03 ≤0.2 13.73−16.8 78.5−80 ≤0.15 0.6−1.1 ≤0,02 ≤0,02 0.3−0.5 ≤0.15


The 79HM alloy has a min magnetostriction. The sheet and the 79MNM tape are used in high-precision instruments with stable operation in an alternating electromagnetic field. The electrical resistance of the 79HM brand varies only within 5%, depending on the strength and direction of the fields. Serves for the manufacture of transformer plates, parts for recording magnetic heads, cores of compact transformers, contactless relays.


The company «_" realizes the sheet and ribbon of the brand 79NM in a wide range from the manufacturer. The optimal price category and full compliance with the requirements of the technical documentation will ensure the reliability and cost-effectiveness of production Individual work with each customer regardless of the purchase price is the motto of our work since the company was founded .