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Titanium foil surpasses similar products in terms of specific strength, heat resistance. It has an exceptional plasticity, it can easily be rolled into the thinnest layer. Its surface at high temperature, interacting with nitrogen and oxygen, is covered with a strong protective oxide-nitride film. Due to heat resistance, such a foil keeps the structure stable in a sufficiently wide temperature range up to cryogenic ones. Unique properties are due to its balanced structure and special processing technology. High resistance to moisture, salt solutions, food acids against a background of sufficient plasticity determined the scope of this material. Due to high performance, compliance with the most stringent sanitary and hygienic requirements, titanium foil is widely used in medicine, light industry and food industry. It is also indispensable in transport engineering, oil and gas and petrochemical industries. With the advent of similar materials of the new generation, it became possible to improve the technological production processes and ensure a long-term reliable operation of the entire equipment complex.


Foil made of titanium is a product of very thin thickness, manufactured from VT1−0 and VT1−00 grades. These brands are practically free of impurities, very plastic. Production is regulated by OST 1 90145−74.

Name Make OST Cutting
Titanium foil VT1−00, VT1−0. 1 90145−74. 0.04−0.07 x 20−200

Titanium foil can have a minimum thickness of up to 0.013 mm. It is manufactured by cold rolling with subsequent annealing in a vacuum furnace.

Thickness, mm Supply Width, mm Price.
0.20 kilogram 200 Negotiable
0,15 — «- 100 — «-
0.10 — «- 100 — «-


The foil used for electric capacitors (conventional and electrolytic) has impurities of tantalum, which improves the quality and increases their capacity. In the production of bulletproof vests, Kevlar has proved himself very well. A titanium foil consisting of several layers provides the same strength, but is much lighter. As a biologically inert material titanium foil is successfully used in the medical industry, for example, as dentures in dentistry. Resistance to temperature changes, plasticity, corrosion, strength and lightness — make foil an indispensable material of the XXI century.

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