Processing and manufacturing of metals

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Most metals, refractory elements, they are extremely rare in pure form. Therefore, the main form of receiving the source metal workpieces for further processing is a metallurgical processing. Such processing can be divided into three groups:

Furnace metallurgy

The operation of the kiln metallurgy when a molten metal ore components and additives needed to produce the metal of desired quality and chemical purity are obtained by melting the metal with heat gases. Such processes are open-hearth and BOF melting (and in the recent past — and even melting domain;

Arc or induction melting

Operations in which the melting of the metal and all required components occurs due to heat generated by electric current of high power. These are the processes of arc or induction melting of metals in furnaces;

Mixed technology

At different stages of used both of the above heat sources. These include most of methods of continuous casting of steel, and methods of electroslag remelting. The selection of the appropriate technology is determined by the availability of sources generating heat required quality metal, hardware performance, complexity of development technology.


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Technology of processing of metals

The final product of steel production are pig, ingots, blooms and slabs — products, which in its direct form for further processing is of little use. So often in steel mills/plants projected cycle of the second redistribution metal products — it is rolling, extrusion or drawing. The ultimate goal of these processes is the production of metal or alloy in the form convenient for later use. For low-plasticity metals and alloys the basic form of the second redistribution is casting.


Products include plastic deformation of the original workpiece in the rotating rolls, the shape and the gap between them determine the final shape of the workpiece. Distinguish paleoprairies, pipe rolling, sheet rolling mills. Technologically close to rolling processes rolling of metal.


The essence of the drawing is that of continuous rolled is passed through the hole of a smaller diameter special tools — polymer — where the metal stalkivaetsya special mechanisms. Drawing get a car with less cross section.


Similar to the drawing process of the second processing is the extrusion or pressing, however, the scheme of the stress state in this case is different. If the drawing process, the billet is extruded from the die, during pressing — is pushed into the zone of deformation. Because this generates stress state comprehensive uneven compression, by which most metals show a higher ductility, the technological capabilities of the extrusion is always higher than the lug.


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