Aluminum constructions

The following are the brands and advantages of the material, as well as its intended use. This information will greatly facilitate the task of choosing when searching for a structural solution.

Bearing structures

For load-bearing structures, strength is primarily important. Alloys of high strength — D16T, D1T, B95T (T1), AK4−1T, AK6T. The average alloys are AMg5N, AMg6N, AD31, AD33. Connection method. Welding — connect all the brands except D16 and other durals. The thread is joined by — AK4−1T, AK6T, D16T, AMg5, AMg6, B95T (T1). Resistance to corrosion. High — AMG, AMZ, AD31, D35, AD00-AD1, A0-A5. Low — a protective coating is required: B95, D16.

With less durable material, the strength of the structure is achieved by choosing a larger cross-section of the profiles or a larger pipe diameter. But in this case, the weight and cost of the construction increases, and the sense of choosing light and cheap aluminum alloys as a structural material is lost.


The brand D16 is one of the most comfortable construction brands. The fact is that after heating to 500 ° C, the duralumin is easily deformed, but most importantly, even 96 hours after cooling at ordinary temperature, the initial strength returns to the material. Corner, pipe, profile can be bent at the right angle without loss of strength. Lack of duralumin — it is welded only by spot welding and is prone to corrosion. Since with argon-arc welding the weld is inclined to cracking, sheet duralumin is usually connected by rivets, and pipes — by thread.

Buy, price

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