Production, and background information scandium

Geology, mining

Content in the solid rocks of approximately 9.5 g/t, significant resources are concentrated in the Carboniferous deposits in the form of oxides (scandium beryl, cassiterite, fluorite). Production is realized in an open way. It is also found in such rare minerals as thortveitite and carvisit. Has great prospects for passing the selection of an item from other ores: bauxite, ores containing tungsten, zirconium, uranium, and others. Also promising is the recycling of ash bituminous coals.

General information

It is a lightweight metal silver color with a yellow tint, a rare earth element IV of the period table of chemical elements, Opened in 1879 by the Swedish chemist Nielsen and named in honor of Scandinavia. Metal relates to the weak paramagnets. The lattice structure of α-Sc of hexagonal. Thanks to plasticity, it is easily treatable. pressure. The melting point of 1541 °C and heat of fusion is 15.8 kJ/mol.


As alloying additives it gives the alloy good ductility and toughness. Widely used in metallurgy in the smelting of heat-resistant steels. The most common alloy it with aluminum.

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