ХН45МВТЮБР-ID, EP718 round, wire, tube, sheet, strip


Steel of this brand is one of the most popular steels among stainless steel. This grade is used in mechanical engineering. for the manufacture of blades of compressors and turbines, with a working t° to 950 °C. work Time is limited, t° start of scale formation 1050 °C.


Alloy refers to high-alloy steel, smelted in an open arc furnace. According to the requirements of GOST the composition contains chrome 15 to 23%, Nickel 45% and additives of tungsten, molybdenum, aluminum and titanium. The purpose of alloying is to improve the technological properties of products: heat resistance and heat resistance, the ability to confront aggressive media. Excessive doping increases the cost of the alloy, therefore, this process is economically: the steel must be manufacturable, and its operational performance should meet the required level.

Manufacture of metal products

Rolling tubes is carried out at a temperature of 1180 °C at the beginning of the process, and 900 °C for its completion. In accordance with the first mode is cooled in water, oil or air, and according to the second mode cooling is with water, followed by aging for 4−5 hours. The rod is made by hot rolled method, Ø 5 mm -270 high, high, standard strength.


Welding is performed by means of electrodes CT-19.

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