The history of stainless steel

In March 1927, the American standards Association authorized a special Committee to develop standards for dimensions wrought steelwrought iron pipe tubing. At that time, was standardized and used only the wall thickness of the pipe: standard weight (STD) extra-strong (XS) and double extra strong (XXS) pipe, depending on the iron pipe size (IPS). However, these parameters were not enough for practical use. The Committee surveyed the industry and developed a graphic system of numerical ratios of wall thickness and pipe sizes equivalent to IPS and NPS.

The initial goal was that each schedule would relate the parameters (wall thickness and nominal pressure, but the spread of numbers was such that this initial task was not completed. It was assumed that in 1939 standards STD, XS, XXS and will be cancelled, but they are still widely used. Sometimes called standards, extra heavy (XH) and double extra heavy (XXH) pipe, respectively.

To facilitate practical use in the initial version of the table of standards has introduced many changes and additions. Thus was created the modern industrial standards API, ASTM, and others.

In the mid-twentieth century, stainless steel has allowed to replace thick-walled pipe. light pipe with a thin wall and with less risk of failure of pipeline system from corrosion. By 1949 was created the table of standards for fine 5S and 10S, which took into account the requirements of the pressure change to the nearest BWGnumber and other standards for steel tubes «S». ASME on the thin pipe in the «S» can not be applied to the thread due to the thin walls. These pipes need to be welded together.

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