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Depending on the microstructure distinguish five categories of stainless steel. It’s ferritic, austenitic, martensitic, heat-resistant, duplex. Let us dwell on each of the types of steel.

Austenitic grades

They are not magnetic and contain chromium, and about 18% Ni. The presence of the latter significantly increases the corrosion resistance. These steel are used most widely. At high temperatures they resist oxidation, due to the higher chromium content of 20−25% and of Nickel. They can be used in the construction of furnaces, in the furnaces, muffle furnaces. They are better known as heat resistant steel. Approximately 95% of all steel grades apply to austenitic and ferritic grades.

Ferritic stamps

They treat the magnetic. They are not very high carbon content, and fraction of chromium is about and the level of 13−17% Cr. It is considered the main alloying element. Such brands are used for the manufacture of products operating in aggressive oxidizing environments (e.g., in solutions of HNO3, H3 PO4) in solutions of ammonia, ammonium nitrate, etc. environments in food, light industry and power industry for heat exchange equipment. This type includes steel 400 series.

Stainless steel duplex type

They have a mixed ferritic-austenitic structure. Chrome contains from 18% to 28%, while the share of Nickel from 4.5% to 8%. If there is an environment with high chloride content, then there will find use of duplex grades.

Martensitic grades

They also are magnetic and comprise approximately 12% Cr and not a very high level of carbon. They can be strengthened by the method of quenched and tempered like plain carbon steels. Most often they are used in the manufacture of cutting tools, Cutlery, medicine and General engineering. If the steel is hardened, it contains chromium approximately 17% with alloying additions of Nickel, niobium and copper. Due to the high strength and durability, they are indispensable in the manufacture of mining pumps, valve spindles and components for the aerospace industry.

Major brands

Brand martensitic 400 series (typical grade — AISI 410). Their composition is chromium — typically 12−18%, This magnetic variety. It usually strengthen processing method high temperature. Used for fittings, fasteners, industrial pumps.

Ferritic grade (typical grade — AISI 430)

This magnetic grade. Composed of from 12 to 18% Cr, low carbon. Used small processing temperature of the material. The main field of application are interior decoration, household appliances, kitchen utensils.

200/300 Authencity stamps (typical grade — AISI 304)

This grade is not magnetic, Nickel in this 8−25%, chromium from 17 to 25%. Such steel does not enhance high temperature. During operation at low temperatures, it loses strength. If there is a small, up to 7% share of molybdenum it helps to increase the corrosion resistance. Most popular application: food and chemical equipment, architectural solutions.

Dispersion strengthened, tempered stamps (AISI 17−4)

Contain chromium and Nickel, as well as Supplement up to 3−4% copper. Additionally, their composition is usually administered cobalt and niobium. Different martensitic or austenitic structure. In the heat treatment can be strengthened by dispersion hardening. Used most often for valves and actuators, petrochemical equipment.

Duplex grade (typical grade AISI 2205)

In the composition of the Nickel 4−7%, chromium from 18 to 25%, and 4% Mo. They have a higher resistance to corrosion under pressure (voltage) than austenitic. The stiffness in them more than the ferritic alloys. Are often used in pipelines, boilers, high-pressure chambers, shafts and power transmission.

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