Belt grinding of titanium


Final processing of curved surfaces of parts made of titanium alloys is carried out by belt sanding. One of the advantages of abrasive belts include the possibility of surface or linear contact. All this significantly reduces the number of shaping movements of the machine.


This is the method that produces the compressor GTE abrasive wheels and wide abrasive belts. For this purpose we have machines MB-885, 381ЗД, XIII-185, XIII-186. In the process of selection of bus ribbon is carried out simultaneously grinding a processed surface on the same side. Difference — high efficiency and wide application in industry for grinding parts of small sizes.

For blades with a pen length more than 120 mm, suitable stroke treatment method using narrow abrasive belts. Thus, it is possible to achieve precision. Stroke technique is machining LSH-1, ЛШ1А, 4ШСЛ-7, ЛШ2. Is the longitudinal line to the feed direction of the parts perpendicularly to plane travel used abrasive belts.

Due to the translational return movements of the machine table is carried out for the longitudinal feed of the workpiece S. And the circular flow will provide a discrete rotation of the workpiece around the axis. In the process of treatments machine LSH-1 should be set to a certain strength of the contact pressure between the abrasive belt, an adjustable compensating springs, and the workpiece.

Up and method of testing

Used for grinding of intersecting surfaces associated radius details. In the process of forming all surfaces of copying any work surface contact copier can be offset the thickness of the abrasive belt. The width is slightly greater than the width of the treated surface. This principle underlies the operation of such machines as: SLS-9 (SLS-91), ZLS-5 (SLS-52) and some others. The workpiece should fit the rules to the surface at the cut. Contact copier attached power of 50−100 N. The tension force of the tape will be for each 10 mm belt width from 10 to 30 N.

Full machining of parts is carried out by break-in, this applies to a linear contact. During processing the shape of the tool will be integrated into forms the surface of the part being processed. This is done by running the details when using a predetermined path.

Diamond grinding

It was assumed that the grinding of titanium alloys using diamond wheels due to the chemical affinity of carbon and titanium will be ineffective — would result in heavy wear of the diamond grains and the «salting» of the tool. When diamond grinding are formed in the surface layer of residual tensile stresses. Today already created diamond wheels with special metal cords, the sync smoothing cutting grains and cutting out them from the bunch, then there will be provided with self-sharpening diamond wheel. Grinding of this kind is now pretty successfully used when sanding feather the blades on the compressors in the production of MMPP «Salut».

Electrochemical grinding

A type of diamond grinding can be considered as machining of the part using DC. The process takes place in the electrolyte, and the anode is a diamond wheel. Such a method makes it possible to maintain constant cutting properties of the diamond wheel. Electrochemical grinding forms on the surface of the workpiece favorable compressive stresses.

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