Magnetic and electrical properties of austenitic steels

Technical characteristics

Grades of austenitic steels lend themselves well to a rigid deformation, they are not magnetic in annealed condition but can buy a small magnetic properties after cold working. Austenitic steels have high yield strength, good resistance to oxidation and scale formation at high temperatures.

Magnetic permeability

Medium The permeability μ [H/m] The relative permeability μ/μ0 Magnetic field
Nickel Of 1.25 x 10-4 100[ — 600 0.002 TL
Permalloy 1,0 x 10-2 8000 ---«---
Austenitic steel 1 26 x 10-4 100[ 0.002 TL
Electrical steel A 5.0 x 10-3 4000 ---«---

The value of the magnetic permeability depends on the properties of the medium), which characterizes the relationship between the magnetic induction and the magnetic field in substance. For different environments, this ratio is different, so talking about the magnetic permeability of a specific medium.

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