Magnetic, mechanical and technological properties of titanium

Technical characteristics

Although the mechanical strength of titanium at normal temperature is high enough, but with increasing temperature up to 250 °C the strength is lost by almost half. The situation save titanium alloys, in which this disadvantage disappears. This metal has excellent corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance is evaluated by the amount of losses with 1 sq. meter of surface.

Corrosion resistance weight losses of C1 sq meters Score
Exceptional Less than 0.001 g 1
Very high 0,001 — 0,005 2
  0.005 — 0.01 g 3
good 0,01 — 0,05 g 4
  0.05 — 0.1 g 5
Satisfactory 0.1 — 0.3 g 6
Small resistance Of 0.3 — 1.0 g 7
  1 — 5.0 g 8
Minor More than 5 g. 9

Titanium is especially resistant to corrosion in the presence of oxygen. For example, in the conditions of an air aeration titanium is subject to corrosion in formic acid of any concentration up to 100 °C temperature, whereas without aeration is quickly destroyed by corrosion in a 25% solution of formic acid.


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