Materials and technology of welding titanium


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The difficulty of welding

Titanium hot quickly reacts with atmospheric gases, therefore, the main purpose of production technologies — the reduction of the contact of hot metal with N2, O2, to a minimum. During welding using a protective atmosphere of inert gas, often argon.

Arc welding

To protect the use of argon or its mixture with helium. Gas is fed through the burner nozzle. On the reverse side of the joint parts set copper backing bar with a groove along the length which uniformly serves argon. With sophisticated design details, when to implement local protection for difficult welding lead to the overall protection of in chambers with controlled atmosphere. Responsible for large assemblies used inhabited a chamber volume up to 350 m3, in which the set welding machines and manipulators.

The technique of welding

Parts with a thickness of 0.5−1.5 mm welded butt joint without a gap and without additives, and welding of a thickness of > 1.5 mm is carried out with a flux wire. The wire must undergo vacuum annealing at a temperature of 900−1000°C for 4 hours. Welding are direct current straight polarity. Details of a thickness of > 12 mm can be welded in a single pass submerged arc.

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