Copper fittings


Fittings copper connecting fittings serve as pipeline systems. They provide a reliable connection of the copper pipes between themselves or with other fragments. Supply the following types of copper fittings: coupling reducers, couplings and elbows, copper tees.


For copper fittings used marks M1, M2, M3 with the chemical. a composition according to GOST 859−2001. Manufacture standard: GOST R 52922−2008 — fitting under capillary brazing; GOST R 52948−2008 fittings for connection of pipes by pressing. Surface fittings, light, no tint, burrs, sharp edges, noskivtsi or bundles. Copper transitions are the elements for joining pipes of different cross sections. Concentric transitions have the profile of an isosceles trapezoid, and eccentric reducers — profile of a right triangle.


Copper fittings offer the best ratio of price and quality, meet increased demands for reliability and durability, can withstand high pressure and dynamic loads. Ductility, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, excellent adaptability allowed them to occupy a worthy place in the modern construction industry. Copper fittings have high resistance to wet abrasion, temperature extremes. Ease of installation, aesthetic appearance, long service life and compatibility make these fittings very popular. It is important that after disposal the copper can be reused.


Copper fittings used for cold and hot water, steam heating, gas supply, water treatment plants and sewage systems. These are highly demanded in construction, engineering, power industry, housing and communal services.


Packaging, storage, transportation sheet and temporary corrosion protection is made according to GOST 9.510−93. Get acquainted with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. The company «_" represents an infinite range of non-ferrous metal. Carried out both wholesale and retail deliveries.

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