Steel pipe

Supplier KMZ offers to buy at a economical price from the manufacturer a metal pipe in a wide range of brands and profiles. Supplier guaranteed product delivery at any address specified by the consumer.

Cast-iron pipe

Earlier tubes were made mainly of cast iron, which now is sometimes used as the material of the pressure pipes to transport water and sewage waste. Cast iron pipe gradually replaced by a more ductile steel pipe. Most cast iron pipes, which are in operation, was fabricated by casting. The earliest cast iron pipes were grey cast iron. .

Advantages of cast iron tubes

Sufficient corrosion resistance;

Increased wall thickness (compared to steel pipes).

Disadvantages of cast iron tubes

The low rate of elasticity;

Poor resistance in aggressive environments;

The need for surface protection;

Instability of mechanical characteristics and quality.

Steel pipe

Steel pressure pipes of large diameter for water and wastewater are usually made of carbon steel and are installed primarily in an underground network. Steel pipe can be manufactured using three main methods:

Hot extrusion

The heated billet is pushed through a die of the required profile. The diameter of the extruded pipe usually does not exceed 500 mm. Hot extrusion to produce seamless pipe, which has improved operational reliability;

Welded pipe

Steel sheet wrapped around a special shape, then welded along the seam. The method is less expensive but it’s not as reliable as the previous one, especially in situations with high internal pressure;

Alloy tubes

For the production of liquid steel poured into the form. Such a pipe will not crack under shock loads and can work under high pressure. Sophisticated production technology.

Advantages of steel pipes

High tensile strength and compression;

The possibility of effective protection from corrosion;

A wide range of diameters and wall thickness;

Long service life.

The minimum cost of maintenance.


The propensity for electrochemical and external corrosion;

For high-quality welding requires highly qualified specialists;


Supplier KMZ offers to buy at a economical price metal pipe in a wide range of brands and profiles. The provider ensures timely delivery of products anywhere in the application installed by the client.

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