Purpose stainless steel

Advantages of stainless steel

Types of stainless steel many. Quality characteristics of different grades of steel affect the choice when using them. This material due to its advantages of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance, excellent aesthetic qualities found most widespread. Make steel everything — from pots and Cutlery to the equipment in the nuclear industry. Many experts point out the unique properties of stainless steel as a roofing material. If you have the opportunity to cover the roof durable roof for 50 or even 100 years, it is stainless steel would be the best material. Mesmerizing covering «under gold» stainless steel sheets with titanium nitride. It is often used to cover the «gold» domes, crosses, or railings. This material contributes to corrosion resistance and wear resistance of steel.

Steel 12X17

Is characterized by acid resistance, okalinolomatel. Designed for the production of nitric acid plants equipment (towers, heat exchangers for hot acid and hot gases, and tanks, etc.). Also it is used for cooking and Cutlery, equipment canneries. It is also used for household items.


Steel acid-resistant. It serves as structural material for aircraft or floats of seaplanes. Often used in architecture — as a material for finishing buildings.


This acid-resistant stainless steel intercrystalline not subject to corrosion, its resistance reaches 600 °C. is Used in the nitrogen industry — tanks, towers, pipelines. It’s used in autoclaves and mixers in the paint industry. Can be made equipment for processing milk, jars and cans. Make it and the fermentation tanks, barrels and vats, plants for brewing, cookware, and appliances, equipment canneries.

Х18Н12М2Т and Х18Н12М3Т

These steels are characterized by resistance to acids, they are not exposed intercrystalline corrosion, their resistance reaches 800 °C. From these steels do the exhaust valves of engines and also machines and parts, operating in boiling phosphoric, sulfuric, acetic and formic acid.


Has good heat resistance and therefore can be used for different purposes. This steel at 650 °C can withstand tysyachami load of about 10 kg/mm2 and at 700 °C — 100-hour load up to 10 kg/mm2. At 800 °C, the steel is capable of withstanding 100 hours under the tension of 5 kg/mm2.


This austenitic steel more heat resistant. Is composed of 2% W, 0.4% and 0.4% Mo. Capable of withstanding 100 hours. at 700 °C under a tension of 12 kg/mm2 and the same duration of time at 800 °C, under a voltage of 6−7 kg/mm2.


This austenitic steel is very heat resistant, able to withstand 20 kg/mm2 at 700 °C — 100 hour, and 8 kg/mm2 at 800 °C for 100 hours.

Hardening phase

In all heat-resistant austenitic steels is the presence of some strengthening phase — chromium, titanium carbides, tungsten, etc. They increase the strength characteristics of steel. For example, the presence of a tenth of a percent of molybdenum gives a refinement of the structure and the allocation of dispersed particles of molybdenum carbide. Data of steel has found its application in boiler tubes.

Heat treatment stainless steel

This process has its difficulties and they are caused by the ability of austenite to decay with the release of carbides. Those types of steels, which contain 18% CR in addition to the carbides, can distinguish a chromium-rich σ-phase. As a result, the steel becomes brittle.

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