Stainless steel decorated sheets


Stainless rolled sheets hot-rolled or cold-rolled method. The thickness of the hot-rolled sheet is 2 — 50 mm, and cold rolled steel 0,4 — 5 mm. Precision rolling can be: high — and normal — B. Flatness: can be high-, high — PV and normal — PN. There are two degrees of traction — deep — G and normal — N; and three degrees of surface quality.


The surface is processed by special methods (oxidation, etching, deposition titanium nitride). Also the surface can be textured (sheet decoс decorative embossed), polished (mirror), brushed.

DIN ASTM EN Surface Type
n (IIIc) 2B 2B heat-treated, cold rolled, pickled Frosted mirror
c2 (IIa) 1 1D heat-treated, hot-rolled, pickled hot rolled
M (IIId) BA 2R with firing in a vertical furnace, cold rolled, solution of ammonia Mirror


Food industry, agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, construction, design.

Supply, price

The provider offers certified products. In the technical documentation included data on chemical composition and set the percentage limits of the additives. Supplier KMZ, supplying stainless steel decorated sheet for an affordable price in a optimally short period of time from warehouses in Russia and Ukraine. The price matches the high quality of products.

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Buy stainless steel decorated sheet from the supplier KMZ can at an affordable price. The price of stainless steel is formed on the basis of European standards of production. Buy stainless steel decorated sheet at an affordable price, you can wholesale or retail. Regular customers can take advantage of the discount system of discounts.·Processing of rental may be made under the order.

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