Mining and General data on Nickel

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For General information about Nickel

It is durable, shiny silvery-white metal, which has the following physical characteristics:

Density: 8,908 g/cm3;

Melting point: 1455 °C;

Boiling point: 2913 °C;

Mohs hardness: 4.0

Nickel is very durable and resistant to corrosion. It is a very ductile metal, so easy to deform the hood, rolling, drawing, extrusion/pressing, forging and die-stamping. Made in the form of sheet, wire, pipe, rod, sheet, etc.

Chemical properties

Pure Nickel reacts with oxygen, and therefore rarely found on the earth’s surface, despite the fact that it is the fifth most common element. In combination with iron, Nickel is extremely stable, which explains both its occurrence in iron containing ores and its effective use in conjunction with iron to manufacture stainless steel.


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Nickel is mostly extracted from sulfide ores: pentlandite, pyrrhotite, and Miller, which contain about 1% Ni, and iron from laterite ore — limonite and garnierite, which contain about 4% Ni. Nickel sulfide ores rich deposits in the Canadian shield and Siberia.

Production. Sulfide ore

The release of Nickel from sulfide ores is much cheaper than from lateritic ores such as those found in New Caledonia. Moreover, Nickel sulphides are more rich in valuable admixtures of other elements that can be economically separated. Sulphide ores can be separated using froth flotation and hydrometallurgical or magnetic processes to create Nickel matte and Nickel oxide. These intermediate products, which usually contain 40−70% Nickel, are then processed further, the method Sherritt Paul-Gordon.

Lateritic ore

Lateritic ores are normally melt parameterizedtype methods because of their high iron content. It initially is Nickel oxide which is then reduced using electric furnaces at temperatures of 1360…1610°C, evaporated to obtain a Nickel metal class I and Nickel sulfate. Due to the natural iron content in lateritic ores, the end product is ferronickel, which can be used by producers of steel after the removal of impurities in silicon, carbon and phosphorus.

Supplier, price

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