Applications of zirconium


Zirconium alloyed: heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipes for the needs of petrochemistry and nuclear power, a Spinneret for the production of artificial fibers. The use of metal as an alloying component in steel alloys can significantly improve their strength characteristics.

The use of nuclear energy

The ability to delay penetrating radiation of this metal is several times greater than lead. Zirconium tubes used in heat exchange systems of nuclear reactors, at temperatures up to 2000 °C.

Industrial chemistry

High corrosion resistance in solutions of inorganic acids, sulfur and ammonia vapor allows this metal chemical equipment.

Application in medicine

Protection from penetrating radiation. Unique biological compatibility and resistance to biological action of liquids can be made of zirconium alloy prostheses and surgical instruments. In dentistry dental implants:


Jewelry, anodized Zirconia elegant and unique for its exclusivity.


Manufacture of refractory bricks, pottery, enamel and glazes,

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