Applications Germany

Electrical engineering

Germanium high-purity semiconductor is a classic and is used in the production of electronics, in the form of single crystals for the manufacture of diodes, photoresistors and photodiodes, sensors, parts x-ray apparatus, spectroscopes.


The production of superconductors;development of the fiber optic systems.

The use of energy

The production of solar panels;

Industrial chemistry

Germany alloys have good resistance to aggressive influence of acidic environments. This quality is appreciated by industries such as chemical synthesis and petrochemicals.


At jewelry this item, due to their processability, mainly used his connections with silver.

Application in medicine

Organic germanium has a beneficial effect on the provision of tissues with oxygen, their regeneration, it improves the function of the Central nervous system and supports the protective reactions of the organism.

The military-industrial complex

Radar, radio communication, telemetry, guidance systems,

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