Applications of magnesium

Transport engineering

Lightweight design based on magnesium alloys, automotive wheels, bike frames, dashboard and door panels, fuel tanks, etc.

Nuclear energy

As this metal has a low absorption coefficient for thermal neutrons, it is used in the manufacture of sheath for fuel elements of a nuclear reactor.

Electrical engineering

Magnesium in the form of pure metal and in the form of its salts (bromide, perchlorate) are used in the production of powerful electric battery.

Use in sport

Lightweight sports equipment, climbing equipment, frame, hang-gliders etc.


This non-magnetic material that is widely used for lightweight housing.

Application in medicine

Magnesium salts are used to treat cardiac and neurological diseases. Oxide and magnesium sulfate is traditionally used in gastroenterology. In recent years, an increasing interest among physicians is caused by a mineral bishofit. Application of bischofite treat disorders of musculoskeletal system, primarily the spine and joints, are indispensable for rehabilitation of consequences of traumas.

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