Applications of niobium


Alloying heat-resistant alloys, manufacture of tool steel, Niobium alloyed with many metals. So, aluminium, easily soluble in alkalis, does not react with them during the doping of 0.05% of niobium. It increases the strength of metals such as titanium, molybdenum, zirconium, and simultaneously improves the heat resistance and the heat resistance.

Industrial chemistry

High corrosion resistance in strong acids and molten alkali metals allows to produce niobium alloys, chemical equipment. .

Application in electrical engineering

The production of electrolytic capacitors; cathodes, anodes, grids, powerful generator tubes.


Production of cryotrons — superconducting components of the computing machines.

The use of nuclear energy

Nuclear accelerators, nuclear shell boilers. Carbide NbC, (t° melting 3480°C), made containers for molten metals and storage of radioactive waste. Coolants in nuclear reactors (liquid sodium and potassium), moving on niobium tubes.


Niobium refractory alloys are essential for parts of a jet engine; aircraft and missiles;

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