Applications of scandium


Structural materials high specific strength. This metal is widely used for alloying heat-resistant steels. Aluminium alloy with scandium has a high ductility and toughness. Aluminum-scandium alloys are approaching specific strength to Titan, today they are especially popular in sports gear (frame gliders, and sport bikes, climbing gear — wherever require light and strong materials.

Nuclear energy

The production of refractory materials,

High-tech industry

Manufacturing x-ray mirrors, solar cells, lasers, spectrometers, phosphors.

Application in electrical engineering

The details of the MHD generator. Iodide ScI3 is added to the mercury gas lamps, which emit close to the sun.

Application in medicine

A radioactive isotope 46 Sc with a half life up to 84 days, it is used to treat cancer tumors

Petrochemicals and metallurgy

A radioactive isotope 46 Sc with a half life up to 84 days, apply a test label of technological processes. ,

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