At the current relatively high cost of titanium it is mainly used in military industry, where the priority is not price, and specifications. However, the unique properties of titanium allow it to be used for civilian purposes. In the future — lowering the cost of titanium and increase its production will allow greater use of this metal in a variety of industries.

Application in aviation

High strength at elevated temperatures and a small specific gravity of titanium alloys and titanium makes it extremely valuable, almost irreplaceable material for aviation. In aircraft and manufacture of aircraft engines it is increasingly replacing stainless steel and aluminum. In the manufacture of jet engines titanium is mainly used for turbine disks, compressor blades and many other forged parts. Titan ousted from this sector the heat-treated alloy steel. Due to the weight savings of the engine and body it allows you to lighten the aircraft by 10%. This metal is especially actively used in the production of jet fighters F-100 and F-86 wings, landing gear, hydraulic lines, exhaust pipes and nozzles, spars, flaps, folding racks and more. Titanium is also used in the manufacture of propeller blades, shell boxes and armor plates.

Use in the Navy

In shipbuilding especially important corrosion resistance of the metal against the effects of steam, flue gas, sea water, etc. they have also a special importance is attached to high specific strength. A minor proportion of titanium, combined with its high corrosion resistance, increases the driving range of the ships and their maneuverability, reduces costs for repair and care of material part.

Other industries

Titanium is used in the petroleum, food, electrical and chemical industries, as well as in medicine, in the manufacture of surgical instruments. In various industries use fasteners of titanium in different forms. In orthopedics titanium has shown itself to be significantly better material than Vitallium and stainless steel. Titanium screws and plates for fixing bones, very durable, light and biologically inert to the body. They do not cause human allergies, such as Nickel.

To buy, price

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