Marking the surface of stainless steel sheet

Technical characteristics

Marking Production Surface Note
1U hot rolled, without heat treatment with the scale For further processing; for example, training
1C hot rolled, heat treated, with the scale used in high temperature environment
1E hot rolled, heat treated and mechanical descaling without scale the rough grinding or blasting, depends on the type of steel and shape of the product
1D hot rolled, heat treated, etched without scale sheet less smooth than 2B and 2D, the usual standard of many types of steels can be processed further,
1Q hot rolled, tempered, etched without scale  
2H cold rolled, hardened shiny increased strength
2C cold rolled, heat treated without descaling smooth, with scale after heat treatment for details additional scale removal and mechanical machining, the use in high temperature environment
2D cold rolled, heat treated, etched smooth improved ductility, but the sheet is less smooth than 2B or 2R
2B cold rolled, heat treated, etched, trained smoother than 2D increased corrosion resistance, surface quality, flatness, suitable for further processing, training may be performed by stretching edit
2R cold-rolled, Svetlogorye light, with reflection smoother and lighter than the 2V, suitable for further processing
2E cold-rolled, termoobrabotannyj with mechanical remote scale, etched silver-Matt or gloss  
2M pattern (on one side)    
VA cold rolling with annealing and etching in a vertical furnace, with the use of caustic ammonia mirror the metal surface is very smooth, which reflects, but the reflection is fuzzy
3N, 4N cold rolling with annealing, etching polished with abrasive machining the metal surface is very smooth, which does not reflect, but shimmers with rainbow colors
DECO cold rolling knurled pattern decorated textured stainless steel, has a distinct pattern
Tear Plate hot rolling with a knurling pattern corrugated  

Supply, price

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