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This metal, due to the increased fragility to 550 °C available pressure treatment. Machining of semi-finished products is carried out in accordance with the principles work with hard materials. Cutting and polishing is done using diamond cutters. To improve the cutting performance, as a rule, use lathe CNC cutters special composition (e.g., plate VK8.

Machining with a diamond tool

The treatment is carried out at speeds exceeding 100 m/min. the Surface of components treated under these conditions with high-quality, low roughness and high dimensional accuracy.

Ultrasonic treatment

The method allows to avoid cracks and reduce the roughness of the surface.


Brazed on the surface of Germany is sprayed in the vacuum technological coating of copper with a thickness of 4−6 µm, and produce annealing in vacuum for 90−120 min and subsequent soldering low-temperature solder. When the processing mode of technological coverage is firmly connected with the germanium. This improves the strength of brazed joints.

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