Processing and production of copper-Nickel alloys

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The alloy system Cu-Ni can be cast in sand, in water-cooled molds, and using technological processes continuous or centrifugal casting. The smelting temperature of approximately 100−200°C above the liquidus, depending on the size and weight of castings. In the manufacture of molds, you should consider the amount of shrinkage about 2%.

Complexity of production

All brands of copper-Nickel alloys are characterized by their ability to absorb gases with increasing temperature is well dissolved in the Nickel. But the solubility of gases: nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen decreases rapidly during the cooling and transition of the melt into the solid state, so casting occur within the gas pores.

Gas absorption

The absorption of hydrogen largely exclude oxidizing or neutral methods of melting. This requires action to ensure absence of carbonization. When applying the oxidation smelting, required a final deoxidation with a copper-manganese deoxidizer or lithium. The hydrogen can be removed during the melting processing, the absorbing gas such as dry nitrogen.

Processing deformation

Hot plastic deformation (rolling, extrusion, forging, etc.) running on appropriate hardware installation after heating workpieces in an atmosphere that does not contain sulfur. The ductility of alloys based on copper and Nickel is only slightly dependent on the percentage content of manganese and iron. Recommended temperature range hot working pressure — 850… 1100 °C.

Cold stamping

During cold forming of alloys of the system Cu-Ni allow its destruction without deformation up to 95% and intermediate annealing is not required. With a decrease in the percentage of Nickel in the alloy, its plastic properties increase.


Machinability of the alloys of copper and Nickel is bad. Because of their high strength before the annealing processing is necessary. When turning form a long chip, and chip removal is often a problem. High-alloy Nickel forged and cast alloy handle easier, and the workability with the increase of the percentage of manganese and iron is not improving, and in the presence of lead is even getting worse.


To ensure the necessary durability of the cutting tool should be used for the manufacture of solid alloys. You should select average feed rate and cutting speed; it is recommended that careful cooling of lubricating-cooling liquids.


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