Brass General Information

general characteristics

Brass is an alloy based on copper and zinc (which in the alloy can be from 4% to 50%). Brass mined before our era. Until the end of the XVIII century, brass was obtained by melting copper and zinc ore, which was mixed with charcoal. Only in the XIX century, this method was replaced by a direct method of melting copper and zinc. Due to the strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, ease of processing under pressure in cold and hot condition, comparative cheapness and attractive aesthetic appearance, brass has become the most common copper alloy. From brass produce sheets, bars, ribbons, wire (from deformable brands), pipes and castings (from foundry grades). The color of brass varies from light yellow to reddish color, depending on the content of zinc in it.

Types of brass

A simple brass is called an alloy of copper with zinc. Brass, which contains up to 10% Zn, is called a tombak, and with a zinc content of 10 to 20% — a half-tamp. Such alloys, which are distinguished by high plasticity and corrosion resistance, are used in the production of condenser and radiator pipes, tapes, sheets for steel cladding. Brass, which contains about 30% zinc, has the ability to deep drawing, it is called cartridge. This brass is widely used in the manufacture of products by pressing, drawing, and also by cold stamping.

The main additives

To increase the anti-corrosive, mechanical and other properties of brass, tin, aluminum, iron, silicon, nickel, manganese, lead and other elements (up to 10% in total) are added to the double copper alloys with zinc. A multi-component (or special) brass is called aluminum, siliceous, aluminum-nickel, ferromanganese, etc. Brass, which contains about 0.5% aluminum and 15% zinc, has high resistance to atmospheric corrosion and a golden beautiful color. This alloy of brass is used as a substitute for gold for artistic products and insignia. Brass with the addition of up to 1.5% lead (also called marine brass) has an increased resistance to corrosion even in sea water, and adding up to 3% lead makes the shavings to brittle and, when machined, allows a high-purity surface. Brass leaded (also called hourly brass) is used in the watch and in the automotive industry.

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