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General characteristics

Titanium is a silvery metal with a bluish tint. Chemical symbol Ti. It has a low density of 4,507 g/cm3, melts at t° 1660 °C and boils at 3260 °C. was selected Klaprot in 1789, but due to the fragile admixtures for a long time did not find practical application. Titanium obtained in 1925, de Boer and van Arkel iodidum method was technologically advanced and ductile metal with many valuable properties, which immediately attracted the special attention of engineers and designers. Titan immediately dubbed the metal of the future.


With low weight it has a high specific strength, very high corrosion resistance, exceptional strength at high temperatures. It is a valuable material in such industries where the necessary light and durable material, primarily in aviation and rocketry. In the temperature range from 250 to 600 °C when magnesium and aluminium light alloys can not withstand the load, titanium uncontested. Steel and Nickel alloys are much inferior to him in specific strength. Due to the high corrosion resistance the use of titanium is promising in most chemically active environments at steel mills and chemical plants. Due to corrosion resistance in sea water, titanium are widely used in shipbuilding and for manufacturing of sheathing of ships, propellers, torpedoes, submarines, etc. On titanium and titanium alloys do not stick shells, dramatically increases the resistance to the motion of the vessel. Titanium alloys, especially VT5−1ct, are used in cryogenic engineering. Titanium is quite common element, its content in the earth’s crust is of the order of 0.60%. He ranked fourth in prevalence among. structural metals, second only to iron, magnesium and aluminum.


Molten titanium is actively interacting with atmospheric gases. It is quite difficult to separate in pure form, it is difficult machinability, especially by the method of cutting, it has a considerable cost. Significant challenges related to recycling of its waste. Titanium and most its alloys are prone to salt corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. Antifriction properties of titanium low.

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