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The metal market

The metal market can be divided into two large groups: the manufacture of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Applications of metal are truly endless. High alloy austenitic alloys based on chromium-Nickel and chromium-Nickel-manganese alloys are used in many industries: for the production of turbine parts for nuclear power plants and jet engines. But even fairly inexpensive low-alloy stainless steel resists adverse environmental effects and is widely used in modern industry.

Advantages of stainless steel alloys

First, the service life of stainless steel products — at least 25 years. For this, a sufficiently long period of operation, the steel has lost its advantages. No need for painting, maintenance, etc. Stainless steel, chemically inert, making it indispensable in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industry.


All kinds of stainless steel products contain the basic percentage of chromium (at least 10.5 per cent). To improve the corrosion resistance are added such elements as molybdenum, Nickel, heat — cobalt, molybdenum or tungsten.

Supply, price

Are you interested in overview of the metal? On the website of the supplier CMH provides comprehensive information on all brands of steel and non-ferrous alloys. In the technical documentation included data on chemical composition and set the percentage limits of the additives. Supplier KMZ, supplying metal products at affordable price. The price matches the high quality of products.

Buy, supplier

To buy metal from a supplier KMZ can at an affordable price. The price of the metal is formed on the basis of European standards of production. To buy rolled metal products at an affordable price, you can wholesale or retail. Regular customers can take advantage of the discount system of discounts.·.

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