General information about stainless steel rolled

According to the European standard EN 10020, steel is an iron-alloy with a carbon content of not more than 2%. Materials with high carbon content are cast iron. If we look at the table below, you can see the more precise parameters.

Cast iron Fe + C > 2%
Carbon steel Fe + C <2%
Spetsstal Fe + C <2% + (Cr, Ni, Mo, etc)>5%
Stainless steel Fe + C<1.2% + Cr>10.5%

All kinds of stainless steel contain at least 10.5% Cr. There are other alloying elements — vanadium, molybdenum, titanium, Nickel, niobium, etc., which are also important for the properties of steel. Depending on the composition, all brands have certain mechanical properties and temperature limits of application. Only when the properly selected steel grade are guaranteed a long service life of a component or construction. Due to the high technological characteristics, steel is increasingly used in industry and in household. The major advantages include exceptional corrosion resistance, strength, availability, cold forming and high quality welds.

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LLC «" supplies products of stainless steel of various brands in retail and wholesale. All the party goods have the quality certificate on conformity to requirements of standards and technical conditions. The certificate is marked manufacturer, brand alloy, the melting number, chemical composition and mechanical properties. Implementation of orders in the shortest possible time. Wholesale buyers are offered preferential discounts.

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