Main types of stainless steels

General characteristics

Stainless steels are alloys based on iron, containing at least 12% chromium. Chromium forms a surface oxide film which protects the metal. This corrosion resistant film makes the alloy stainless steel. If the metal loses its protective coating, the he at this place may appear corroded. But, as a rule, the protective film is easily restored by oxygen. Made of stainless steel divided into three groups, depending on the structure.

The first group

It is the austenitic steels which contain from 16 to 25% chromium and 6−14% Nickel. They can be doped 2 — 6% molybdenum, and also include other elements. These steels are very widely used in energy, engineering, industrial chemistry, food industry, everyday life and medicine. About 60−70% of global steel consumption accounts for austenitic grades.

The second group

It is a ferritic steel. They are also called chromium. The composition of these steels include between 12 and 20% Cr. Some brands alloyed with a small amount of molybdenum and titanium. It should be noted that corrosion resistance, heat resistance and other parameters are slightly lower than those of austenitic steels. But the cost of metals of the second group is lower than the first.

The third group

This martensitic stainless steel, which apply only the case where metal is required for maximum strength and hardness.

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