Positive features stainless steel

Easy maintenance

When you consider the full life-cycle costs, stainless steel rolling differs the least cost. Parts and stainless steel construction easy to care for. Periodically they must be cleaned, but it needs only water and homemade household cleaners. Then re-wash surface and wipe dry. Much better, if you try a soft sponge.


Even the low-grade stainless steel withstands corrosion in adverse atmospheric conditions and in the aquatic environment. High-grade brand resistant to corrosion in alkalis and some acids. Also they are not afraid of scary for most metal chloride solutions. Due to the high mechanical qualities of stainless steel, it is possible to significantly reduce the thickness of parts and structures, which significantly reduces the final weight of the product without the risk of a reduction of the strength qualities.


If the task is to cook quality and delicious culinary dish, stainless steel cookware is considered the most acceptable. She vysokohirne. Feature of stainless steel is that it is very smooth, it is not delayed any dirt or bacteria. According to strict hygienic standards, this property is considered a major when selecting alloys for medical instruments and equipment, kitchen appliances, equipment of slaughterhouses, etc. not to mention the wonderful aesthetic appearance of this material. Its surface is easy to maintain, does not lose its appeal over time, durable and reliable, ideal for vertical and horizontal architectural surfaces. Stainless steel very much, and choose a suitable need based on the understanding of the scope of its application.

To buy, price

In stock, LLC «" in the presence of a wide range of high-quality metal standard and custom sizes. Supply products of stainless steel of various brands in retail and wholesale. All the party goods have the quality certificate on conformity to requirements of standards and technical conditions. The certificate is marked manufacturer, brand alloy, the melting number, chemical composition and mechanical properties. Implementation of orders in the shortest possible time. Wholesale buyers are offered preferential discounts.

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