The use of Nickel cathode and anode in the coating process. Nickel plating on

General characteristics

Nickel plating is a surface treatment by coating them with a layer of Nickel. Typically, this layer has a thickness in the range of 1 — 50 µm. The Nickel plating is applied, in General, steel etc. metal surface: zinc, copper, aluminum, rare manganese, molybdenum, titanium, tungsten. Today the Nickel is the two most common methods.1) Chemical Nickel plating. 2) Electrolytic (galvanic) Nickel plating. There is also a method of plating non-metallic surfaces — glass, plastic, ceramic, etc.


Nickel has a whole range of advantages: strong adhesion, low cost, simple technology. This coating applied on inexpensive alloys and non-alloy steel, It effectively protects the surface from corrosion under the action of atmospheric and soil moisture, organic acids, salt and alkaline solutions. In addition, the plated surface has an attractive appearance, it is shiny and smooth to the touch.

Electrolytic Nickel plating

The process of electrolytic (galvanic) Nickel plating includes a serial number of technological operations. Chemical degreasing using an organic solvent. Pickling (metal surface treatment to remove rust, dirt, oxides and scale. Rinse in cold and in hot water, drying. Nickel in electroplating baths special steel, which have acid-proof lining. This method nicelybut steel surfaces or alloys of zinc, copper, aluminum, etc. This method is used in the manufacture of medical instruments, chemical equipment, parts for decorative finishing of automobiles and structural elements which operate under conditions of dry friction. With the latest technology this method also nicelybut the surface of non-metals — applied a glossy and a matte finish.

Nickel plating by chemical means

The basis of this method is the reaction of reduction of Nickel from aqueous solutions of its salts with chemical reducing agents, mainly hypophosphite sodium. Electroless Nickel plating is produced in a special bath of glass, porcelain or enameled iron. Is used alkaline and acidic solution, sulfate, or the chloride of Nickel is relatively low concentrations of ~5 g/L.

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