Applications of lead

Electrical engineering

Fluoride PbF2 alone, and also mixed with fluoride of copper, bismuth and silver are used in chemical current sources in the form of the cathode material. Chloride PbCl2 is used in the backup sources of electricity for the production of cathodes. With the same purpose in rechargeable lithium batteries use sulfide, visatec and iodide of lead. The lead telluride has wide application in the manufacture of thermoelectric refrigerators and thermoelectric generators, the thermoelectric material.


Perchlorate of lead used for the manufacture of a heavy liquid (density 2.6 g/cm3), which is used not only in flotation, ore enrichment, and is also used in composite explosives as an oxidizer. Nitrate Pb2 NO.3 sought after in the production of powerful explosive mixture of substances. Lead azide is widely used as a detonator.

Paints and coatings

White lead — white dense powder — get on the air from lead under the action of acetic acid and carbon dioxide. The use of white lead in the form of a coloring pigment is less common due to the low stability and decomposition under the influence of hydrogen sulfide. Such white pigments are mainly used in the production technology Svencioneliai paper and cement, as well as in the manufacture of putty. Dioxide PbO2 is widely used in batteries and in many reserve chemical sources of current for the production of lead or lead-hydrofluoric-perchloric elements. Borate of lead, a white insoluble powder, used for drying varnishes and paintings, and in conjunction with various metals, for coating porcelain and glass. Lead chromate is known as chrome yellow dye, is an important pigment for dyeing fabric and porcelain for the manufacture of paints. Sulfate PbSO4, white, insoluble powder, used in the technologies of production of printed fabrics in pigment quality lithography in batteries. Lead nitrate is a white crystalline substance which is soluble in water. It is used in match production, printing and dyeing, textile, engraving and colouring of the horns.

Effect on a living organism

All soluble salts of lead are toxic. Arsenit and arsenate of lead are used to kill insects in the technology of insecticide pests in agriculture (cotton weevil and the Gypsy moth). Chloride PbCl2, white crystalline powder, used for ointments in the treatment of tumors. It is soluble in hot water, in solutions of ammonium chloride and other chlorides. Acetate of lead use in veterinary medicine as external antiseptic.

Other industries

The sulphide of lead, insoluble in water black powder needed in the firing process of pottery. Due to the good absorption of γ-radiation, lead is used in nuclear reactors and x-ray machines for radiation protection. In addition, the lead required in the construction of nuclear reactors on fast neutrons as the coolant.

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