Used in Nickel alloys

General characteristics

Nickel is the basis of many heat-resistant materials that are applied to parts of power plants, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial chemistry, the aerospace industry. Percision some. Nichrome is a resistance alloy (40% Cr+60% Ni). Monel (30 — 32% Cu + 65 — 67% Ni + 1% Mn) is very corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant (operating temperature 500 °C). Invar (35% Ni-65% Fe) when heated, virtually no extended. Permalloy (17% Fe + 76% Ni + 2% Cr + 5% Cu) has a high magnetic susceptibility with a minimum of significant losses on the hysteresis. The permalloys are used in the production of cores of the electromagnets. In addition, Nickel alloys are chromium-Nickel and Nickel steel and Nickel silver, and various alloys resistance — nickeline, Constantan and manganin.

All stainless steel in its composition contain Nickel, because it not only increases the chemical. resistance, but gives the alloy ductility and strength, which is important, for example, in the production of armor. In the manufacture of critical parts for devices used Nickel alloy (36−38% Ni)) with iron, having a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Nickel alloys are minted coins. The total number of different Nickel alloys, which find practical application for today in the thousands.

Nickel plating

Protective coating of pure Nickel is used for protection of non-alloy steels and iron from corrosion in chemically active environments. Such coatings are applied by two methods: electroplating and plating. Plated layer to create a joint method of rolling of thick iron sheet and a Nickel foil while still hot. The ratio of coated metal and the thickness of the Nickel is approximately 1:10. These sheets are welded together due to mutual diffusion during the rolling process, and get a monolithic two-layer, three-layer and sometimes the metal’s surface protects it against corrosion Nickel. The method of producing a protective coating significantly reduces the cost of products which are produced from relatively inexpensive steel or iron. Nickel-plated iron sheets are in the manufacture of tanks for storage and transportation, for example, caustic alkalis for the chemical industry.

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