Production of hot-rolled sheet


Hot rolled stainless steel sheets are demanded in various industries. They are often used in structures riveted, bolted and welded connections. These sheets are required where treatsa resistance to atmospheric and soil moisture, aggressive gas, acid and alkaline environment


Just note that the stainless steel sheets can be manufactured in two ways: hot and cold rolling. The leaves also vary in the accuracy of rolling. High accuracy — class a, normal accuracy class B. flatness, they can be very high flatness, the normal and improved flatness.


For each grade stainless steel is a kind of rolling technology, but the General principles will remain. There are certain brands that are very heat sensitive and require strict adherence to temperature. Typically, the workpiece was heated to 850 °C, then adjusted to a temperature at which carry out the hire. It is worth noting that most quality stainless steel is obtained only in the case where the observed temperature and adheres to the time period between rentals. Rapid heating may lead to cracking of the surface. And if the stainless steel is cracked, the defective material is recognized, it cracked’re gonna get, as high carbon steel. It is also important not to exceed the maximum heating temperature. If the temperature is exceeded, the sheet just Pereguda and oxidize, thereby will lose all its valuable qualities and anticorrosive properties, which is famous for.

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