Manufacture of metal Germany

Raw materials

In nature, this metal is not found in the native form, but only as an impurity in sedimentary rocks, ores of tungsten, Nickel, silicates, charcoal, peat, as it contains many ores of non-ferrous metals, granites and basalts. Most are rich in germanium, a mineral sphalerite, China is the biggest producer of this metal.


Production involves the processing and beneficiation of the sphalerite, After a laborious multi-step operations, enrichment of ore the metal is isolated in the form of oxide is GeO2, which are reduced by hydrogen at 600 °C:

{\mathsf {GeO_{2}+2H_{2}\rightarrow Ge+2H_{2}O}}

For obtaining metals of high purity is applied zone melting. With regard to the manufacture of single crystals, the process of production reglamentary GOST 16 153−80. Such single crystals are used for making diodes, photoresistors and photodiodes, sensors, parts x-ray equipment and spectroscopes.


In closed warehouses or under the shed providing adequate protection against mechanical and other damage.

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