Manufacture of metal scandium

Ore processing

Scandium beryl, cassiterite, fluorite) was mined in an open way. Good prospects for passing the selection of an item from other ores: bauxite, ores containing tungsten, zirconium, uranium, and others. Also promising is the recycling of ash bituminous coals. Great importance is the quality of the pyro-metallurgical or hydro-metallurgical processing of ore oxides


Production of scandium-based technology for the recovery of fluorides or chlorides, followed by distillation in a vacuum.

Hydrometallurgical production method

The method comprises fine grinding of the coal ash residue, slag, tailings of ore metals with subsequent decomposition of the raw material with a hot solution of sulfuric acid and washing the precipitate with water or a HCl solution at a temperature of 20−50°C,

Biotechnology of production of metal

Processing begins with leaching of scandium from industrial waste with subsequent separation of the solid and liquid phases. First stage: an autopsy of raw materials and leaching is carried out using the same iron-oxidizing bacteria. After separation the liquid phase is directed at getting fluoride ScF. A technical advantage of this method is a significant reduction in consumption of sulfuric acid and improving the environment.

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