The production of niobium metal

The rating of the richest deposits of niobium (in thousand tons)

Brazil 4,100.0
Canada 200.0
Other countries 0.0
All stocks 4,300.0

For industrial production have a value of two major mineral is columbite and pyrochlore. The main difficulty lies in the separation of niobium from tantalum (compounds which have similar properties).


Industrial this metal can be divided into following groups (depending on the method of influencing joints):

  • nitrilimines;
  • carbothermic;
  • aluminothermic;
  • the restoration of the chlorides with hydrogen.
Yet there is a method of electrolysis of molten environments. The latter is used for separation of tantalum and niobium is obtained as a by-product. This refractory metal with a silvery-grayish color. In industry it is used both in pure form and as alloying component.


In closed warehouses or under the shed providing adequate protection against mechanical and other damage.

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