Rolling titanium


Industrial production of long products rolling of titanium in Russia began in 1957 at small-section mill 250. It was originally designed for the rolling of aluminum rods. Gradually improved, the basic elements of industrial technology. Was rationalizability a method of heating, the calibration of the shafts, types of roll fittings and modes of deformation. Studies assessing the quality of semi-finished products long products rolling have shown the advantages of the method over other methods of deformation. The comparison was carried out on the homogeneity of the structure and mechanical properties, as well as on the accuracy of the geometric parameters and surface quality.

Currently, the method of bars rolling is used to produce round bars with diameter 10−150 mm; the receipt of rods with a machined surface whose diameter is 6−120 mm; the wire diameter 1,0 — 7 mm; profiles as well as hexagonal, square and other cross sections.

Features long products rolling titanium

Titan on the technological qualities very different from other metals. First, it has low thermal conductivity, therefore, is a cooling of the peripheral layers of metal with the loss of plasticity that creates substantial uneven deformation in the cross section of the rolled sheet. Second, low density degrades the capture of the Titanrolls.

Produced by cross-helical rolling

The last two decades in the manufacture of wire of titanium alloys is the method of cross-helical rolling (PVP). This technique combined with pressing and forging long products rolling can significantly extend the Arsenal of means of production and fits well in the overall manufacturing scheme. PVP has a number of features. First, the work rolls (technology tools) are universal, their calibration does not depend on the technological properties of the used titanium alloys. This significantly reduces tooling costs. Second, the changeover for different size billets it is necessary simply to reduce or dilute the work rolls in the cage. This allows you to smoothly change the diameter of the rental and provides high precision production. Third, at the expense of smooth adjustment of the diameter of the rent, change the angle of the material and the speed of rotation of the rolls, you can easily pick up the strain-speed mode of production in a very wide range. Even at low speeds the rolling productivity is high enough. The reason is that depending on the type of work rolls and the calibrations in a single pass in crate PVP deformation can be 20 — 90%.

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