Calculation of spiral resistant

To purchase a affordable spiral fehrali of any length and diameter of winding provider offers KMZ. Calculation fehrloi spiral is made to order. The provider ensures timely delivery of products at any address specified by the consumer.


Alloys of iron with aluminum and chromium — fehrali relate to precision high-temperature alloys capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1400 °C. Fehrali have a high corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. As well as a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Calculation of terralavoro made under the order.

The General calculation sequence

Initial data for calculation of a spiral of fehrali are the desired value of the electrical resistance heating element wire diameter. The length of the spiral pick is usually with regard to its stretching during installation: given the relative fragility fehrle at temperatures of 400…700°C, the aspect ratio should not be more than 3.0…3.5.

The calculation includes the following steps

  • Determination of limit values of electric voltage, which can withstand the helix by passing a current of the required power (uses the well-known Ohm’s law);
  • The definition of the heat power of the current, which will be allocated to the estimated length of the spiral;
  • Determining the actual resistivity of the spiral conductor, and comparing the received data with the maximum allowable conductor with a selected diameter.

The calculation using the calculation spreadsheets

In designed online calculators are requested following initial data:

  • The required power of the heating element, W;
  • The supply voltage applied to the wire spring;
  • The wire diameter of the heater (selected from the range wire, which is presented in GOST, but is usually taken in the range of 0.1…10 mm Marking wire fehrloi the following: N for heating elements, resistance elements, heating elements, elements, tubular electric heaters).

After entering the data the online calculator determines the actual value of the current (A), the calculated value of the electrical resistance of heater (Ohms) length of wire (m) and its weight in kg.


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