Decorative usage stainless steel sheet

General characteristics

Decorated stainless steel sheet has high corrosion resistance, easy to maintain, has an attractive appearance. Made from alloyed steel grades, which consist of ten or more carefully selected chemical elements based on iron and chromium. Depending on the composition and presence in the material of certain components, such sheet has a number of useful qualities of high technological and mechanical properties, excellent resistance to corrosion.


High surface quality is achieved by cold rolling followed by bright annealing. Decorative stainless steel sheet refers to a series of AN and DECO. Domestic production of decorative sheet normalized GOST 5582−75 and 19904−74;

Precision of rolling:

· B — normal;

· A — high.


· Very high;

· PV — high;

· MON — normal.

The degree of traction:

· N — normal;

· G — deep.

In addition to the matte, brushed and mirror coatings are manufactured today cover the various shades obtained with oxidation. The color of this coating does not change with time and cannot be erased.


Most often this sheet is used by modern architects for cladding facades and interiors. Blue sheet today has become a symbol of modern design hi — tech style. Is widely used such a sheet with exclusive decoration.


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