ХН50МВКТЮР-ID, ЭП99-ID round, wire, tube, sheet, strip


Steel products labelled ХН50МВКТЮР-ID has a high rate of heat resistance that are effective for use in the manufacture of high temperature furnace equipment type. The temperature of the working zone can reach 1100 °C without a decrease in operability of equipment. The high content of Nickel and chromium determines the resistance of the material of this type not only to the influence of atmospheric air, but also to the influence of the industrial environment with increased carbon content. The amount of the alloying elements such as vanadium, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, manganese, cerium, and some other is usually about ten percent of the total composition of the material.


Due to the presence of Nickel in the alloy composition, this stainless steel actively resists corrosion when exposed to the most aggressive industrial environments. When forging semi-finished steel product brand ХН50МВКТЮР-ID temperature gradually decreases from 1170 °C to 850 °C by the end of the treatment. The finished product is typically cooled by outdoor ambient air. Tubular products and round ХН50МВКТЮР-ID can be used for the manufacture of various welded structures. Welding modes and auxiliary materials are selected depending on the required quality of the seam due to operational conditions.


Thanks to a whole range of important technological and physical advantages, materials of this type are used extensively in many production industries from construction and laying of pipeline construction (e.g. for water supply of residential houses), to automotive and protection of electrical cables when installing wiring in buildings. Attractive appearance for this product is as important as performance, because quite often the pipe ХН50МВКТЮР-ID and other products of the similar alloy used by designers in the design of residential buildings and office spaces. It is especially popular tube semi-finished products in the mirror or the polished version, they can be used as railings for the original stairs or the kitchen furniture. Another area of application of stainless steel alloy ХН50МВКТЮР-ID is the automobile. Because the exhaust pipe in automobiles to ensure reliable long term operation require the use of special raw materials with high operational parameters.

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