KHN56VMKJU, ЭП109 round, wire, tube, sheet, strip

Accessory such KHN56VMKJU steel group chromium-Nickel alloy enables the use of pipe, circle, sheet of stamps KHN56VMKJU for manufacturing equipment operating in harsh industrial environments. The percentage of Nickel in the alloy can vary from fifty two to sixty two percent, and the proportion of chromium is from eight and a half to ten and a half percent. To increase working parameters of the alloy additives legarrette type silicon, tungsten, molybdenum, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, and some others.

technological characteristics

This alloy is characterized as hard-welded raw material. Therefore, to ensure high quality welded construction, the contacting surface of the pre-warm up to a few hundred degrees and after welding seam area is subjected to a final heat treatment in a high-temperature annealing. Most often, when the connection of structural elements used manual welding, arc type and the electrodes KTI-762. Subsequent annealing is required to relieve the residual stresses incurred during the welding process.


Exploitation of semi-products limited to the thermal limit of 650C. Pipe, round KHN56VMKJU, leaf products and other products are widely used in the production of rotary nodes, spring mechanisms, fasteners, structural parts of oil equipment and other devices operating at high load in a wide temperature range. The unique properties of this type of material allows the parts a long time to withstand heavy loads in harsh industrial environment.


Pipe KHN56VMKJU available in several versions. Today, a wide variety of items with galvanized surface or cut thread, and without the threaded sections, and an additional protective coating. The parameters of products of the given type specified by a standard series, and methods of production and the basic performance characteristics regulated by state regulatory documentation. Most often, the dimensional length of tubing is in the range from four to twelve meters. Also produced similar products with the length of multiple dimensional values. Often semi-finished products of this type are used in the formation of the pipeline, designed to supply heat, gas and water to residential areas. Depending on the purpose products they can be manufactured in both normal and high precision of dimensional parameters. Profiles of pipe production are very diverse. Today, along with the products of the round shape widespread semi-square, oval or rectangular profile.

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