Electrotechnical copper wire welding


Ductility, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, excellent processability and electrical conductivity. All of these undeniable advantages of copper wire allowed it along with aluminum become the main material in the manufacture of electric wires. It should be noted that the copper wire at the kink is much stronger than aluminum, with a minimum electrical resistance, which allows its use for the transmission of electric potential of much more power. Copper wire current in the electric power industry and electrical engineering, manufacturing electrical cables, spark plugs, fusible safety devices.


Copper wire, when compared with the steel not strong enough and heat resistant. It is more expensive compared to steel or aluminium counterparts. The high cost associated with high copper prices on the world market. But as practice shows, in the long-term forecast, this price is guaranteed to pay off.


Copper wire rolled in special mills of high-purity copper grades M1 and M2 with a content of impurities respectively of 0.1% and 0.3% according to GOST 859−2001. Chemical composition control is normalized to GOST 24231−80. For rivets this wire is rolled according to the specifications 48−21−456−2006; electrical — according to TU 16−705.492−2005, for thermocouples according to GOST 22666−77. The rental is made normal accuracy, has a clean surface without defects. Possible presence of traces pullback. Increased plasticity of the material is achieved by annealing, and the sufficient hardness gives cold deformation. The electrical resistance of wire at 20 °C shall not exceed 0,0178 Омхмм2/m for mark MT 2,44 mm thinner and 0,0177 Омхмм2/m for mark MT thicker of 2.44 mm.


Accuracy of manufacturing: N — normal accuracy, P — elevated. Hardness: hard — T; semi — N; soft — M; high plasticity — L; semi-solid high-strength — R; solid high-strength. In the form section: square, round, hexagonal. The marking indicates the purity of the alloy. M1 contains up to 0.1% of impurities, which increases its technical quality. Electrical wire M1, M1p, be tested for electrical conductivity, it is marked by the letter «E».

Material Prefabricated Mark Cross-section mm The presence of the kg Price
COPPER wire M 1 0,5 65 170
1 140 160
2 190 150
2,5 556 150
3 325 140
3,5 62 140
4 70 135
wire M 2 0,5 88 165
1 120 155
2 220 145
2,5 260 145
3 150 135
3,5 160 135
4 220 130


Great advantages of copper wire could be used in construction, power engineering, instrument-making, light industry, mechanical engineering. She serves in the manufacture of electrical wires. Although it’s a bit expensive and heavier than aluminum wire, but stronger, and less resistivity. This allows you to use copper wire thinner for transmitting electric potential of the same magnitude. The difference in the weight and cost of material for wire — leveled, since copper is used less. Copper wire is used for production of small copper nails and pins, accessories. It is irreplaceable in instrument making, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. This wire is plastic, it is easily soldered, which greatly simplifies the Assembly and disassembly of the equipment.


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